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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
On publication in “Zhoghovurd” daily

The “Zhoghovurd” daily has recently adopted a practice of shadowing the activities of the RA Special Investigation Service by publishing obviously false information having nothing common with the truth, making reference to the “facts” known from “reliable information” and unknown “sources”.

The article “Do the SIS investigators leave?” published on 30.01.2019  is another misinformation of the media, with regard of which it should be mentioned that any institution practices staff changes in the course of its ongoing activities. The picture of staff changes taken place within the RA Special Investigation Service over the last 5 years is as follows: in 2014 6 officers were dismissed, in 2015-2016 - 5 officers each year, in 2017- 8 officers, and in 2018 – 3 officers dismissed.

Moreover, these three investigators were dismissed in July-August 2018 on personal requests, and no one of them was involved in the investigation of sound or, according to the daily’s wording “scandalous” events taken place last year.

The abovementioned data show that the least staff leak from the Special Investigation Service over the last 5 years was in 2018, which speaks of the healthy moral and ethic environment in the Service.

Today, the investigators of the Special Investigation Service go on performing their official obligations with high sense of responsibility and understanding of their mission.

Taking into account the above stated the “Zhoghovurd” daily is encouraged to avoid making attempts of shading high reputation and confidence of the Special Investigation Service by publishing “scandalous” articles with obviously false information (the news media has always had the opportunity to justify the reasons for dismissal of the investigators, but never did so).