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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
Aram Harutyunyan is attracted as an accused for taking bribe in especially large amount and being involved in money laundering

On the basis of combination of proof obtained during the preliminary investigation of  criminal case for taking bribe in especially large amount initiated in the RA Special Investigation Service Aram Harutyunyan was attracted as an accused for commitment of offences dangerous for the public under article 311 (part 4, point 2), and article 190 (part 3, point 1) of the RA Criminal Code; particularly, by holding managerial position within the RA executive authorities with the support of persons being in close relations with him received a bribe in especially large amount and then legalized the illegally obtained property in especially large amount.

According to the charge Aram Harutyunyan holding the position of the Minister of Nature Protection since June 8, 2007, at the same time, being the chairman of the interdepartmental commission for the provision of licenses for the exploration and use of mineral resources of strategic nature, demanded and received from S.H. especially large amount $ 14 million equivalent 4.2 billion AMD, to issue 10 special licenses for the study and development of non- ferrous metal deposits, further extension of terms of the study and permit for exploitation of the mines.

As a result, during January – November 2008, 10 special licenses for the study and development of non- ferrous metal deposits located in different settlements of Syunik, Lori and Gegharkunik marzes were passed to  the companies owned by S. H. Within the same period S. H. withdrew USD 6 million from the bank accounts and passed to Aram Harutyunyan as a bribe, through the close people of the latter.

The other part of the requested bribe in the amount of USD 8 million was received by Aram Harutyunyan with the assistance of his close ones, by means of making transfers from different bank accounts opened with United Arab Emirates; then, to hide the real source of origin of funds and legalize them Aram Harutyunyan transferred such illegally obtained funds to the Swiss bank account of international company, after which arranged periodical transfer of funds on the account of a company operating within the RA and owned by person being in close relations with him.  Search was announced for Aram Harutyunyan. The Investigator of RA Special Investigation Committee filed a petition to the Yerevan city Court of general jurisdiction to select taking into custody as a measure of restriction with his regard.

Preliminary investigation is underway.


Notification: a person that is suspected or accused of an alleged crime, is considered innocent until his/her guilt is proved by a court judgement that has come into legal effect pursuant to the procedure determined by RA Criminal Procedure Code.