Positions of the Civil Service
Positions of the Civil Service
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Positions of the Special Investigation Service officers
Order for reception of citizens
Order for reception of citizens
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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
11 persons are brought charge in the scope of criminal case known as “Zibiliks”; preliminary investigation on them is over

On the basis of sufficient combination of proof obtained during the preliminary investigation of criminal case known as “Zibiliks” investigated in the RA Special Investigation Service 11 persons were brought charge for giving electoral bribery on the pre-election stage of Elder of Yerevan elections, on May 14, 2017, and supporting thereof.

According to the charges, on the current elections of the Elder of Yerevan city to be held on May 14, 2017, among other candidates from the Republican Party of Armenia H. A., the head of Arabkir Administrative district territorial structure, head of utility services division of Yerevan Municipality, who at the same time held the position of the head of campaign headquarters of  the Republican Party of Armenia located at N 56 Komitas avenue of Yerevan city, was nominated. For the support in works carried out in the campaign headquarters H. A. applied to S. S., the director of supermarkets, owned by “SAS Group” LLC. Jointly they organized and headed the works of the campaign headquarters.

In order to assure as much votes as possible for the benefit of the RPA from Arabkir Administrative district and record desirable result on the elections for the Party H. A. intended to materially promote voters, particularly, to give bribe in the amount AMD 10.000 each for vote for participation and assurance of votes for the benefit of RPA. So, H. A. contributed USD 100.000 equal AMD 48.417.000 to take the current costs of sub-headquarters, contingently established by the campaign headquarters; besides, for the same purposes in the beginning of May, 2017 S.A. provided AMD 15.000.000.

The amount provided by H. A. and S. S. was in fractions (in the amount from AMD 1.350.000 to 8.250.000) was during the pre-elections, within the period from the beginning of May, 2017 till May 10 disbursed between their supporters contingently appointed in as responsible persons in the campaign headquarters and sub-headquarters in Arabkir Administrative district, and entrusted by the voters, in order to give bribe to those voters and finalize the criminal intend.

Among other persons, amounts were given for the above mentioned purpose to the following responsible persons of the sub-headquarters and headquarters: A. A. in the amount of AMD 5.000.000, E. B. - AMD 5.000.000, A. G. – AMD 7.000.000, H. G. – AMD 6.250.000, M. Sh. - AMD 6.250.000, A. Kh. – AMD 8.250.000, T. S. – AMD 5.000.000, S. H. – AMD 5.650.000.

Having received from H. A. and S. S. the amounts for the bribery the responsible of the sub-headquarters and headquarters gave bribe to a number of voters of Arabkir Administrative district, in the amount of AMD 10.000 per vote.

By their activities H.A. and S. S., and their supporters breached the principle of freedom and volunteerism in the terms of RA citizen’s election right guaranteed by the RA Constitution and RS election Code.   

For the commitment of the abovementioned offences H. A. and S. S. are brought charge under article 154.2 (part 2) of the RA Criminal Code, and A. A., E. B., A. G., H. G., M. Sh., A. Kh., T. S., S. H., and H. P. are brought charge under article 38-154.2 (part 2) of the RA Criminal Code.

Preliminary investigation on criminal case with their regard is over. The case was sent with an indictment to the prosecutor performing control, with the request to send it to the court.

In order to find out the full scope of involved persons a part was separated from the criminal case, the preliminary investigation on which is underway. 


Notification: a person that is suspected or accused of an alleged crime, is considered innocent until his/her guilt is proved by a court judgement that has come into legal effect pursuant to the procedure determined by RA Criminal Procedure Code.