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Positions of the Civil Service
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Positions of the Special Investigation Service officers
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Order for reception of citizens
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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
Preliminary investigation on criminal case investigated with regard to armed robbery upon the branch of “HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC is over

During the preliminary investigation of the criminal case investigated in the RA Special Investigation Service it was found that Daniel Danielyan, Colonel of Police, the head of Centre of violations detected by cameras of the traffic police, being state official, intended to rob especially large amount of USD 500.000, equal AMD 242.355.000 from “Komitas” branch of “HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC.

According to the charge in order to commit the criminal intent, Daniel Danielyan on May 3, 2018 at around 14:18, masked and armed with his own carbine, illegally obtained ball grenade and a knife rushed in the branch of the Bank where shot from carbine in the air, requested the employees of the Bank to pass him especially large amount equal to USD 500.000, equal  AMD 242.355.000. At that time, having met resistance of the security officers of the branch D. Danielyan shot from the carbine and illegally deprived the life of Khachatur Galstyan, the security officer of “Armobile” CJSC, who was on duty at the said branch.

Going on with his illegal intent, Daniel Danielyan then tried to kill the other security officer on duty Aram Mkrtchyan, however unsuccessfully, as A. Mkrtchyan maintained active resistance and then hid.

Besides, the responsible of the cash desk unit Armen Khachatryan, at that moment distracted him saying that he was ready to give the required amount. D. Danielyan  threatened with the arm and the grenade and required to give him USD 500.000. Armen Khachatryan took from the metal safe box and gave to D. Danielyan the whole amount being in the safe box, particularly, 79.200.000 AMD, USD 110.000 equal 53.318.100 AMD, EUR 39.690 equal AMD 23.066.637, 3 luma, RUB 242.240 equal AMD 1.853.136, GBP 7.925 equal AMD 5.224.952, CAD 2.980 equal 1.126.400 AMD, AUD 200 equal 73066 AMD and AED 700 equal 92.379 AMD; after which D. Danielyan took the whole amount and escaped.

After leaving the branch the police officers pursued D. Danielyan, during which the latter shot at the abdomen of Ara Shakhgulyan, policeman of the patrol service of Yerevan city department of RA Police, then made the second shot towards the same part of his body. The officer died at the medical centre on the same day, caused by the gunshot wounds. 

In order to flee from the persecution D. Danielyan shot from the above mentioned carbine towards Vaghinak Sargsyan, and Hrachyan Mezhlumyan the policeman of the patrol service of Yerevan city department of RA Police, who was performing his duties and trying to neutralize D. Danielyan; however, failed to complete the intend for circumstances irrespective of his will, due to lack of bullets he could not go on with shooting. With the help of Hrachyan Mezhlumyan and others Vaghinak Sargsyan succeed to neutralize D. Danielyan, who went on with his criminal activities and knifed Vaghinak Sargsyan thus causing him bodily injury.

By the way, it was found by the investigation that in addition to the ellipse grenade D. Danielyan illegally obtained and kept in his house “ПМ”, “АПС” guns and 25 bullets of appropriate calibre, which have been found and confiscated during the search made in D. Danielyan’s apartment. 

Thus, for the commitment of the above mentioned offences Daniel Danielyan was brought charge under article 175 (part 3, point 1), article 104 (part 2, points 1, 2, 8, 11), article 104 (part 2, point 2), article 34-104 (part 2 points 1, 2), articles 235 (part 1), article 235  (part 4) of the RA Criminal Code.

Preliminary investigation is over. The case with the indictment was sent to the prosecutor performing control, with the request to send it to the court. 


Notification: a person that is suspected or accused of an alleged crime, is considered innocent until his/her guilt is proved by a court judgement that has come into legal effect pursuant to the procedure determined by RA Criminal Procedure Code