Positions of the Civil Service
Positions of the Civil Service
Positions of the Special Investigation Service officers
Positions of the Special Investigation Service officers
Order for reception of citizens
Order for reception of citizens
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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
During the preliminary investigation of the criminal case instituted pursuant to the features of point 1, part 3, Article 178 of RA Criminal Code on incident of committing a fraud of especially large amount Armen S. communicated that in November-December months of 2003 Karen Kh.
On July 07, 2013 at about 04:00 am an unknown person deliberately damaged the car exploited by citizen Grisha M. by means of an unspecified explosive illegally kept with him causing the latter property damage of large amount.
Lala S., the demander by the enforcement proceedings in RA Ministry of Justice JAE Service Regional Division, stated that on the basis of the writ of execution issued on June 3, 2014 enforcement proceedings
Vladimir V., accused in assisting the secret embezzlement of the another person’s property, gave a communication on the fact that on September 13, 2014 RA Police officers took him to the division beating him, where also physical abuse was used against him and by direction thereofhe confessed a crime not committed by him and his friend.
Citizen Armenuhi A. gave a communication on the fact that with the purpose of making a payment to the account number of enforcement proceedingsinstituted for confiscation of the debt of her daughter
A citizen gave a communication on the fact that in December 2014 the officials of RA Ministry of Finance Regional Tax Inspection visited the shop belonging to him and demanded and received a bribe of large amount for not conducting tax inspections.
The officials of RA Police, being informed that on February 25, 2013 a murderous assault was made against citizen Hovhannes Gh. by use of firearmin a way dangerous for lives of many people, using their official position against serviceinterests, did not register the incident in determined order, did not send it to the investigation division
RA Special Investigation Servicehas received materials on the fact that a person carrying out special service at RA Ministry of Justice “Hrazdan” Penitentiary, using his official post against the interests of the service, on March 31, 2015 received 3 packaged cellular