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Special Investigation Service of Republic of Armenia
Sasun M. Khachatryan
Head of Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia, First class Counsellor of Justice

Born on November 12, 1976 in Yerevan city.

In 1993 enrolled and in 1998 graduated cum laude from the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Jurisprudence.

In 1998-2000 post graduate studies at the High school of the MIA of RA, at the same time hold classes at the same HEI.

Since May 2000 employed at the RA Prosecution system, in the capacity of investigator of Shengavit Community Prosecutor’s office.

2000-2003 - Investigator of Malatia Sebastia community Prosecutor’s office.

2003-2008 - Investigator of Yerevan city Prosecutor’s office, senior investigator, senior Prosecutor, deputy Prosecutor of Shengavit community.

2008-2013 - deputy Prosecutor of Yerevan city.

2013-2014 - Prosecutor of Arabkir and Kanaker Zeytun administrative districts of Yerevan city.

2014-2016 - Prosecutor of Malatia Sebastia administrative district of Yerevan city.

2016-2017 - Director of “Mher Khachatryan & Co” legal office.

2017-2018 - Deputy head of Department for Supervision over the Investigation of Especially Important Cases of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office.

June 11, 2018 till now - Head of Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia.

Ranked as the First class Counsellor of Justice.

Language skills: Armenian, Russian, English.

Married has two daughters.